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Bwakaw: A Gem of the Philippines’ Indie Film Industry

A bittersweet take on ageing and loneliness, but hey – life ain’t over until it’s over.

You might think that Bwakaw is another movie about the relationship between a man and his dog, but far from it. It is a sincere character exploration that tells the story of Rene – a grumpy old curmudgeon with a well-hidden sensitive side, who came out of the closet at the age of 60. Rene has come to terms with the fact that he is going to die in the near future – he even bought a luxurious coffin during summer sales. It is not until his dog falls seriously ill that Rene realizes that life is not over yet.

Featuring a touching and sentimental performance from the six-decade veteran of film and television in the Philippines, Eddie Garcia, in the role of Rene, Jun Lana’s Bwakaw is a film that beautifully brightens up the Philippines’ indie film industry. 

You can watch Bwakaw on Netflix.