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What is A Reel Trip?

A blog about films from all around the world. Sounds too vague and broad? Well, that’s probably because it is. But the main idea is to talk about films that you probably haven’t heard of because either you are too busy watching Netflix’s recommendations or simply because the amount of information on films is vast.

Indeed, there are tons of inspiring, entertaining, insightful blogs for all types of taste that are worth your time. I think that you should follow A Reel Trip because it is a great source of information and film recommendations, especially for those who love artsy films and are eager to watch more (so they can rant more confidently about modern cinema being degraded to “content”).

Do you write only about movies?

For me, if cinema is the cake, the film that we see on the screen is just the cherry on the top (let’s assume that there is a cherry on the top of the imaginary cake). So, I am super interested in discovering the ingredients that make a cake delicious and the combinations working well with that cake.

Cakes aside, how often do you upload content?

Currently, I am trying my best to upload at least once a week. If you want to be updated about the new posts, you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

Where can I watch the films that you recommend?

It depends. Torrents. MUBI. YouTube maybe (with a quality of 480p). But in general, I assume you are prepared to pay for good, independent films.

To sum up, here are some examples of titles you will find on A Reel Trip.

And these are some titles you will NOT find on A Reel Trip:

  • Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now (no offense)

  • Top 10 Russian Films of All Time (come on, they are not!)

  • 14 Films You Should Watch in 2021 (but I want to watch 15).

I have a movie recommendation/cool idea/suggestion. How can I get in touch with you?

If you are old-school, you can send an email to

If you feel like being more direct, you send me a personal message on Facebook or Twitter.